Ancient Egyptian Designed God and Goddess Candle Holder

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Egyptian Black and Gold Seated Isis and Osiris

( Pillar Candleholder) It  measures 4.5" High,

5" Wide, and 2" Deep approximately. It weighs

about 15 ounces. This Egyptian Seated Isis And

Osiris Candle Holder makes a great home

accent for any room in the house! It is made

of cold cast resin, individually hand painted

and polished. Isis and Osiris sit enthroned by

a pillar of Ancient Hieroglyphics. It is a striking

candle holder for your home or altar area

designed for a taper candle. Isis is the Goddess

and patron of women and motherhood which

Osiris is the God of the Afterlife and Dead where

he stands as Judge. Osiris And Isis are husband

and wife in Egyptian Mythology. They are highly

revered and worshiped in all of Egypt, making

this combination figure an auspicious, precious

and exotic home presentation.